Retail - Apparel



International fashion retailers on the national territory under different brand names, for a total of 340 outlets. Company's HR department and Point of Sale Staff Involved. More than 4000 users involved


Organizational optimization of the store staff coaching process for all brands distributed in the national sales network; starting from an analysis model of the organization skills


The delivered solution was custom made, considering the specific functional, organizational and budget requirements

Added Value

Real time data analysis and consultation. Simplification of operational processes of staff expertise mapping and travel costs reduction. Increased engagement incentives of store staff



A Corporate Academy, also usable as iPad and verticalized through the organization's retail reality, which makes available to area managers and store staff tools for skills evaluation/self-assessment, according to the company' standard as well as a catalogue of informational/educational contents. Real time data analysis tools aimed at the HR department


An analysis model of the organization' skills. A abundant archive of information content used in support of a diverse educational activit, delivered in a traditional way



Definition of a set of skill evaluation procedures according to the organization's model. Structuring and organization of information/training catalogue