CME - FAD Provider



CME (Continuous Medical Education) nationally accredited, specialized in the realization of educational events supported by technological solutions and innovative methodologies. The actions, although of small size, aim at generating a strong impact in terms of effectiveness, and an impeccable organizational approach in terms of efficiency


To offer to the scientific society, sponsors and of course the final consumers - medical specialists - an engaging educational experience, that combined the strong aesthetic appeal of the innovative technological solution with the high scientific level of the proposed content. Acting both on the lever of peer interaction (Collaborative Learning) and the capitalization of knowledge

Added Value

The technical and organizational support provided  accompanied the customer throughout the production cycle, from solution prototyping to service planning, logistical organization assistance on site during the events, the realization of filming, post production, uploading on platform



The multitouch tables Media@lab were re-engineered considering all the ergonomic and structural factors in order to propose events with educational effectiveness and organizational efficiency with 100% guarantee. For the management of the educational process and its attribution of credits (14) in FAD (Distance Learning) a Moodle-customized application was implemented complying with all the Agenas requirements


The client was guided through the entire path in order for them to acquire all the skills to proceed independently




The conformity to all Agenas requirements, both with regard to the platform and for the conformity of the teaching methodology applied through the help of the tables, were proven by the positive outcome of the final validation occurred immediately after the conclusion of the project. The validation saw us on their side even during the inspection stages