Private Banking



A prominent national banking group engaged in a delicate phase of services restructuring considered appropriate to consult a specialized agency with specific expertise in the credit sector. The latter, with the support of the University of Siena and the mediation of a partners of ours, identified our technological and organizational skills to provide 2 evaluation sessions for about 480 users


To optimize, from an organizational point of view, the measurement of specific knowledge of the counter staff in order to relocate them on new market assets not covered yet. All to be completed extremely quickly and with the minimum margin of error in order to direct the most suitable subjects to a dedicated training course

Added Value

The project was developed and concluded in less than 60 days, integrating all subjects involved in terms of specific evaluation functions, communication and the report that were produced



Corporate Academy implemented on responsive and multi-device theme branded with the organization's logos. Access levels with organized hierarchical roles, to allow area managers and staff to access the skills evaluation/self-assessment path according to the company' standards. Real time data analysis tools in real time addressed to HR department


Despite the lack of any support in terms of administration and supervision of the platform, the dedicated staff quickly acquired the necessary skills to extract the processed reports



Definition of a set of procedures for skill-evaluation processes accordin to the organization's model. Structuring and organization of the test according to the randomization and randomness criteria to ensure the minimum probability of repetition of questions batches